Bird callers

Wacky Whistles is so amazing it can do what all these different types combinad can do on its own

You can be like a lyre bird and imitate so many diferent typs of birds and insets sounds.


Wacky Whistles can do what all these combined whistle toys can do  Bird callers, Turkey Callers, Bird whistles, Dog Whistles  Plastic Whistles, This is one of the many reasons wacky whistles are the worlds most amazing  musical toy  making it a  Viral fun toy  Product and a must  have Fun experience! Wacky Whistles !!

For people  8 years +


For the children over 3 years we have our whistles kit included is free wacky whistle that dad Will Love to keep in bis wallet for that practical joke moments that dads Love so much to and the wack whistle included for free!

There are many  varieties to choose from;

Rain Forest Bird Whistles

Kookarburra Bird Whistles

The Duck Whistle

The Bird Caller Whistles






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