Wacky Whistles is so amazing it can do what all these different types combinad can do on its own.

You can be like a lyre bird and imitate so many diferent typs of birds and insets sounds.

Bird Callers, Turky Callers and Bird Whistles are the same , but special noise but the  Wacky Whistles is so amazing it can do what all these different types combind do on its own.

For people  8 years +


For the children over 3 years we have our whistles kit included is free wacky whistle that dad Will Love to keep in bis wallet for that practical joke moments that dads Love so much to and the wack whistle included for free!

There are many  varieties to choose from;

Rain Forest Bird Whistles

Kookarburra Bird Whistles

The Duck Whistle

The Bird Caller Whistles

Bird songs are rich and complex, difficult to remember, and almost impossible to copy , that was until the worlds  best bird whistle in the  was created by wacky whistles pty  in Australia. Renowned  best bird whistle makers in the world  wacky whistles have created an amazing quality product . Some bird whistles, sound as if they could have been whistled by a human an others like the Australian lyre bird are a wonder to behold and the wacky whistles are a great place to start building your amazing skills making birds come out of there nest to particpate and sing along with you.

There are many pursuits that benefit from the use of a high quality bird  whistles, made by wacky whistles pty, and some examples may surprise you. Wacky Whistles are used extensively in attracting animals but they also have a prominent place in orchestras and musical schools; photographers can sometimes use a wacky whistle bird call to help them get that perfect nature shot.  There are many creative uses for a quality bird call whistle that go beyond the obvious, clowns speech therypist ventriloquists.

A realistic and consistently high performing bird call whistle the wacky whistle stands out as a master piece of engineering excellence To learn different bird calls, simply open the whistle page and click on the ‘Sound Whistle’ button which is the white plastic half circle , be crearive roll ur tounge compress the air make bubbles on the membrane as well and so much more  Popular classics from this range include the ACME duck call which featured in a Kit Kat advert that ran in the 1990s, and the cuckoo call which is used extensively in orchestras and is known for its distinct and melancholic tone.

 Magpie kookaburra galahs lire bird cuckoo, crow, nightingale and pigeon calls are made possible while using wacky whistles to copy the bird calls true  life sound and all are so exciting  for creating various sound effects. These bird whistles have been carefully developed and are proudly manufactured here in australia on the famous Gold Coast

Buy your new wacky whistle bird call whistle with confidence - each one is  quality assured before being dispatched, and all bear our iconic name. Though many companies have attempted to copy our designs there is nothing quite like a genuine wacky whistle; we strive for perfection in tone, sound and volume, as well as placing a high emphasis on attractive yet practical design. If you are interested in becoming a distributor of our wacky whistles or have any questions, please don’t hesitate  with our team by telephone or online.

Developed over the years to perfection, this is the most advanced mouth bird whistle on the market today. The 'heart of the whistle' is a thin quality membrane (a long kept secret!), bonded for a high and clear sound. Clearence on one side and exposed on the other for never experience control before.

You do not have to be a skilled whistler to make this work. If you can say "chip or cheese", you can make the bird whistle sing. Just place the whistle white side down on  your tongue with the round to wauds back flat edge to front .make it gently wet for a minute..put it gently up against the palate (roof of your mouth) with your tongue, and blow/say sounds like "TSH..." as in: 'Chips or Chocolate'.

You can clean your whistle by holding it under tap water for a few seconds, dry it in fresh air, and you can use it again whenever you want. If you want to whistle again, just simply put the bird whistle back in your mouth, wet it a little, and there you go again! With some care you can have endless fun, up to weeks, which every single whistle.

Every single bird whistle is packed separately in the original packaging - containing a quick manual printed on  paper. This means that this amazingly small instrument is the perfect original surprise that you can also store for years - ready for action. All year round there are countless occasions where you can impress people, birds & other animals around you!

In 20 years of bird whistle business we have reached thousands of customers across the globe - even to the utter most remote destinations! Every single order is secured by PayPal, so that means total transparancy and full warranty on your purchase


Based on the use of bird-calls, these educational toys allow adults and children to learn to recognize birds by their song, to communicate with them, discover and observe them... Slowly and conscientiously created, made of choice materials following craftsmen's methods, these wacky whistle  bird-calls can imitate many different species of birds.

We love the unusual shapes that produce such faithful recreations of birdsong. Sure to delight young and old nature lovers! For hygenic reasons, birdcalls are not returnable.






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