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Updated: Aug 10, 2022

A Wacky Whistle is the world's most amazing whistle. What is it? A Wacky Whistle is a magical little whistle that goes in the roof of your mouth that changes your voice to a high octave and lets you make awesome sound effects. It vibrates so fast that it can be quite ticklish. It really is quite amazing and a lot of fun to use. This whistle is fast becoming the most popular accessory for kids (age 8 and above) and teens and is super fun sharing with friends and family.

Fast becoming the number one fun toy to have, it's great fun to have at a party and will raise the ambience at any event! They make a great bird whistle too, you can make a large variety of bird sounds as well.

A Wacky Whistle is made from felt, plastic and rubber. Using a Wacky Whistle is quite easy. You can simply put it inside your mouth and press it to the roof of your mouth. When pressed against the palate, the Wacky Whistle starts vibrating fast leading to various sound effects.

Make sure to place the whistle white side of the whistle facing down and the straight side of the semi-circular is facing your teeth. Once you have put the whistle in the way described above, start saying words like chip, shop, shirp, shhh, chick-a-chick. Now, repeat the word ‘chick’ many times. This helps position the whistle properly in your mouth. Now that you have got the whistle properly positioned in the mouth, start making different sounds and enjoy.

Sounds that you can make: rap, DJ, music beats, dog, kitten, frog, birds, monkey, motorcycle, car, funny laughs, crackly, deep, high pitch. Check out all the Wacky Whistle videos on YouTube. Recommended Age Range: Not suitable for children under 8 years of age.

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