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How To Use A Professional Dog Whistles To Stop Barking

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

The doorbell rings and the barking begins. A family walks past your house, and the barking begins. The front window is visited by a neighbourhood cat, and the barking starts. Does this sound familiar?

Even though we adore our furry little companion, excessive barking may drive anyone crazy. Our lovely dogs have barking triggers that they respond to. It is quite understandable for them to bark when someone breaks in, but what if they do it every time the doorbell rings or whenever they see a stranger pass by? You could even hear complaints from your neighbours. The big question that many dog owners have is “how to stop dogs barking?”

Thankfully, the dog whistle is a safe training device that might be useful in this situation. Whistles have shown to be an effective tool for teaching dogs various instructions, including how to quit barking when it is unnecessary. They make fantastic training tools when utilised properly.

Regular whistles and dog whistles are the two sorts of whistles you may use. Naturally, regular whistles are loud. On the other hand, a dog whistles sound produces high-frequency noise that only your dog can hear. You can use dog whistles to assist you to be (humanely) silent, and your neighbours won't lose their minds while you try to teach your dog to be quiet.

How Do Dog Whistles Work To Stop Barking?

There are several approaches. Let's understand two of the most popular ones:

Step 1: Blow the dog whistle to stop barking when your pet starts barking. They'll be distracted and stop barking. When they stop barking completely, praise them and offer a small treat. They will learn that it's best to refrain from barking. If your dog keeps barking, blow the whistle again and offer a treat as soon as they stop. To completely divert your furry little one’s mind, you could also hand them a toy or ball. Your dog will stop barking excessively if you continuously blow the whistle when it happens.

Step 2: Give your furry friend speaking lessons! ( not literally.) Teach them that when they are asked to "speak," only then they are allowed to bark. Treat them well or give praise if they accomplish that. You can use our funny whistle to get them to stop barking if you are not asking them to speak. If you do this often, they will learn to bark just when instructed to.

What to Keep in Mind When Training Your Pet

  1. Screaming will not help. They will believe you are speaking to them rather than correcting.

  2. Do not hit your dog just because they are not understanding your motive. While training your pet, patience is a virtue. Dogs can become incredibly meek or aggressive when abused. Additionally, you may face several legal consequences.Use a dog whistle only for a brief period, at least until your dog learns to halt at the distraction. Due to the sound's severe irritability, we do not advise using dog whistles for an extended period.

How Does a Dog Whistle Work?

It produces sound in the ultrasonic spectrum, which has a pitch that is too high for humans to hear. Nevertheless, dogs, cats, and other animals can all hear these noises. As a result, the dog whistle is a popular training tool among many dog parents and owners.

How to use a Dog Whistle for a deaf dog?

A dog whistle won't be audible to dogs who are completely deaf. The majority of deaf dogs can still hear a certain frequency, though. There are more than 30 distinct frequencies for dog whistles. You can consult with your veteran or a professional who can advise you which dog whistle is best if you have a deaf dog.

We are aware that you adore your furry little friend and want nothing but the best for them. Having said that, appropriate training should never be disregarded because untrained dogs may quickly go out of control and produce a commotion that bothers you and the neighbours. Ensure your dog is appropriately trained to use the dog whistle and that his barking is solely intended to bring you joy.

Different types of whistles

There are two popular types of dog whistles - audible and silent. Audible whistles have adjustable pitch and can be heard clearly by both humans and dogs. Silent whistles, on the other hand, are inaudible to humans. Both children and adults may use these whistles to keep themselves engaged while training their pets.

Looking for the best dog whistles to stop barking? Check out our range!

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