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Want a High Performing Bird Caller?

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

A realistic and consistently high performing bird call whistle the wacky whistle stands out as a masterpiece of engineering excellence To learn different bird calls, simply open the whistle page and click on the ‘Sound Whistle’ button which is the white plastic half-circle, be creative roll ur tongue compress the air make bubbles on the membrane as well and so much more Popular classics from this range include the ACME duck call which featured in a Kit Kat advert that ran in the 1990s and the cuckoo call which is used extensively in orchestras and is known for its distinct and melancholic tone.

Magpies, kookaburra, galahs, lyrebird, cuckoo, crow, nightingale, and pigeon calls are made possible while using wacky whistles to copy the bird calls true-life sound and all are so exciting for creating various sound effects. These bird whistles have been carefully developed and are proudly manufactured here in Australia on the famous Gold Coast.

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